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Mark Herman - Founder of TriDare

I hold a bachelors degree in electrical engineering (analog circuits) from Michigan Technological University.   Additional training includes Opex Black Belt certification from Whirlpool Corporation, power electronics seminars from University of Wisconsin, and power supply design from Ridley Engineering. 

My skills include embedded analog, digital circuits, PCB CAD design, sensors, power supplies, motor control (sensor and sensor-less), and high power RF design.  I have software experience in multiple languages and platforms.   Employment at fortune 500 companies including Stryker Medical Instruments, Whirlpool, Ford Motor, Zenith Data Systems and HeathKit, where I developed my understanding of different corporate cultures.   Technology spans consumer electronics, white goods, and medical instruments. 


Special individuals in my life include my wife Chris of 32 years and three sons; Matthew, Michael, and James.  I am proud of the men they have become and all of their achievements in life.  Spending time with neighbors, family, friends, and a crazy list of fun activities known as "projects" fill up my free time. Some of these projects include woodworking, water sports, snowmobiling, and being an amateur radio operator.     

Professionally, I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, straight talk, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always doing the right thing to strive for significant outcomes.  When possible I enjoy  working in teams, allowing me to mentor others. Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial consultation.

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