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TriDare's mission is to provide you with new solutions using innovative technology. Leveraging electronic hardware and test software with a LEAN quick learn process.   Robust designs are obtained using a structured process including; researching the design providing trade off studies, development and understanding of the core physics, simulation and modeling edge cases, mature proto-typing, and design verification. 



Problems with your existing designs are analyzed and solved after its root cause for failure has been identified.  Complex factor interactions are evaluated using tools like: classic engineering, 5 Whys, and six sigma philosophy.


  • TriDare prides itself on its hardware analog, digital, power electronics, and power supply design services.

  • Advanced sensor and vision system design services provide solutions to new technology gaps. 

  • Embedded design experience is built on proven techniques for testing and evaluating both hardware and test software solutions.

  • Using fast turn PCB board turns, my service can provide you custom tailored solutions that integrate into your own system.



  • Besides developing core electronics, TriDare can share its expertise in proven electronic design process for growing technical professionals.

  • With more than 30 years of design experience, we can enhance your existing electronic designs, schematics and PCB layouts.

  • Wrapping up our technical mentorship, TriDare can customize technical training, advice, and one-on-ones for junior engineers.

Team Talk


  • TriDare understands the complexity of system integration and testing, and would like to help you work through these challenges. 

  • Provide architecture solutions for new concepts that center on embedded solutions.

  • Custom embedded mockup proto-types can enable you to quickly pass your next critical toll gate.  

Cogs in the Machine
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